YasminZurich, Switzerland"-Grew up in Switzerland -Moved to Beirut (for 8 years) -Back in Zurich! -Will start my Law Studies in October 2019"



Wanderlust describes me as a person. I am often very restless to see new places and discover locations I feel most happy in. I like cultural trips such as going to the museum or the theater. Just as much as I love a walk in nature, a cup of tea by the sea or a chocolate cake at a bar (which ended up being my favorite one.) Reading and watching movies are something I do often and genuinely enjoy. Being alone and being with friends are both part of me, but when I´m with the latter, I like to connect through languages, interesting topics and a joy at living. In general, I believe that tolerance and open-mindedness is such an important thing to have in order to peacefully co-exist with others. Speak your mind, but do it nicely. Take what you want, but do so with consideration. Lebanese, Moroccan and Swiss :)


-Watching movies
-Going to concerts
-Visiting cultural places
-Meeting up with friends and enjoying life



English, German


  • Shopping
  • Photography
  • Outdoor
  • Others
  • Nightlife
  • Nerd Culture
  • Nature
  • Music and Dance
  • Local Culture
  • LGBT
  • Hobbies
  • History
  • Food and Drinks
  • Art and Architecture

My prices

  • Full day USD $104.0
  • Half day USD $65.0
  • Virtual friend USD $52.0
Prices include all fees and taxes.
Prices shown are for 1 person. An extra 30% will be added for each additional person joining the group.

Local experience

A perfect day would start of with Brunch at the lake in Zurich.
We would then go to a museum and enjoy the artistic and cultural side of Switzerland. Its a must to take the tram (what we are famous for) and then walk back through the beautifully ornamented streets.
We would then grab a cup of Tea or coffee at the Park Hyatt Hotel or the famous Dolder Grand, historically, Zurichs most famous hotel. We would return to the heart of the city with the Dolder Bahn; Through a narrow, almost breathtaking small passage in-between Zurichs coziest houses and apartments.
After our afternoon Tea we would walk through the old Town of Zurich and shop whatever we may need -and want! Taking pictures of the streets, the people and the sunset is a must.
Dinner: In Zurichs hottest area, the famous "Niederdörfli", we would enjoy delicious Swiss Cuisine (Cheese and Meat!), chat and enjoy the atmosphere. Its special.
We would continue to one of the coziest and most famous bars in Zurich and either have a drink... or the best chocolate cake in Zurich (Surprising, no?).
At night, we would spend it cozily walking through the city, eating delicious desert or going to the movies --- or partying good and hard! Hey, its safe.

Up to it? :)


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