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About us

What is Rent a Local Friend?

Rent a Local Friend is a global platform that connects people who love to travel with those who are passionate about where they live and have a good story to tell.

What is a Friend?

Local Friends are professionals with a flexible schedules in a variety of fields: designers, bloggers, journalists, artists, guides, chefs, athletes... They do, however, share a love for where they live and their interest in meeting new people.

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Write about your hobbies and interests, so visitors can see who you are.

Fill in your profile with interesting experiences only you can offer and write down some tips and traps about your city that can be useful to visitors who lands on your profile.



Keep your availability calendar updated every month. It is very important to have flexible schedule, so you can find time to attend as many requests as possible.

Visitor's requests will come along according to your city's seasonal traffic and how interesting your page is.



Remember to keep your personal email address updated on your profile at all times.

The system uses this private info to send you alerts for new messages. Reply quickly to messages: visitors usually expect your feedback within 24 hours to actually book you.



Since English is a global language and we are a global platform, it is ideal that you are able to clearly communicate in English, as well as in the local language.

The more languages you can speak, the biggest variety of nationalities you will attract to your profile.

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