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1447 Local Friends, worldwide, like you, in 296 Cities

1447 Local Friends, worldwide, like you, in 296 Cities

What is Rent a Local

Rent a Local Friend is a community of people who love to travel and be in touch with different cultures and explore their own city. Through your Local Friend page, you can:

• Make extra money by sharing your talents, stories, expertises and favorite local spots with new friends willing to explore your city through new angles
• Be part of the global Local Friends community to exchange accommodation, local experiences and unique local tips when you are traveling the world

How to be a Local Friend?

You will start by creating your profile here at the end of this page. After carefully fulfilling your profile about your expertise and interests you will follow to the id verification then proceed with your U$80 Lifetime Membership fee investment. Once your page becomes online will get the material with full tips and best examples to start using your page. You will have full independency on managing your page: expertise offers, price setting and tools as we do not take any commissions out f your own activities. You will also have full access to your city’s Local Guru to talk more about the community, its platform and how you can make best use of it

Global Collective Brand

We have translated these concepts into RentaLocalFriend community platform. Here you can make some extra money selling your tips and tailor-made local experiences to the visitors in your city. We are better together! As a collaborative platform, we host all pages in one single web address, thus help each other to build wider traffic to each others page and optimize a global network in our community

Host & Manage your page to share your local expertises

We do all the tech hard work for you! RALF Platform offers to each member a personal URL address, host service, messaging and the tools for you to market yourself as a Local Friend.Through your page you also have your data protected, which will be available only and if you accept the requests.

Local Friends Network

As a Local Friend member you can also have free access to the Local Friend's network during your travels too :) When you are traveling yourself, you can connect with other Local Friends to exchange accommodation, explore the city and get the best local tips

Shared Economy

Your participation is very important for yourself and the whole community! As a community, we all expect for each other to take action as an active member. With an investment of US$ %{amount} in a lifetime association, we promote specific marketing campaigns related to Cultural Events around the world and Social Media campaigns for the community brand besides IT investments to keep our community platform always better and higher for everyone

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