Welcome to the general terms and conditions (“TCG”) of Rent a Local Friend (RALF), an electronic platform (“Platform”) that aims to help you, the user who travels, to connect with a local resident of a city ​​you are going to visit to get a differentiated local or virtual experience in addition to the traditional tourist itineraries.

To access the platform, you must complete the data requested at

When you decide to register through our form, we ask you to correctly indicate your name, country, telephone and choose the password that you will use, which cannot be provided to third parties, as it is personal and non-transferable. We ask that you keep your password safe from third parties.

By accessing the platform, you will be able to identify the city you are looking for an available Local Friend and, if applicable, we will present you a list of Local Friends with which you can choose and establish direct contact, to understand if the interests of your traveling client can be fully comply.

We have 2 forms of service per hour: Virtual Friend or Local Friend. In the Virtual Experience, you / your traveling client will be able to count on local advice and local Tips & Traps provided virtually by the Friend, within what he / she knows about your local city. In the Virtual Experiences section, some Friends also offer activities related to their local talent and culture as a virtual option. Through the Local Experience, the Local Friend and you will adjust the details of the journey to places related to the universe of knowledge and experience of the LF and those places that your traveling client is interested in personally experiencing in the destination city.

After choosing the Local Friend, you must reserve the date and the service: Virtual Experience or Local Experience, which you want to contract by completing the form with the information it contains, so that the Local Friend can adjust to what you want, that is, day and Time for the Local Friend to come in person (Local Friend) or serve you virtually (Virtual Friend), regardless of their interests, if they are in a specific place, if they will need transportation or how they can get to the right place, etc.

As a simple platform to advertise the public pages of Friends in the form of an online catalog, RALF has no responsibility for what is agreed between you and the user Friend, as it has no access to messages exchanged directly by email or regarding the tour itinerary and you are not even involved in the payment process.

Once the service order process is adjusted between the parties, you must process the payment to the Local Friend, using the payment methods indicated in your profile: Paypal online payment platform. The base service price of each Local Friend is visible on its profile page, and the final price can be renegotiated by you directly with the Local Friend, without any interference from RALF in this negotiation:

1. 70% of the total amount paid by the end customer must be paid to the Local Friend service provider and 30% can be withheld in the form of a commission from the Bot Agent.

Once the payment is processed, Local Friend will commit to finding it on the day and time defined in common to provide the services offered.

In case of cancellation, you must inform the Local Friend directly through your email. For the Local Experience or Virtual Experience service, if canceled less than 24 (twenty-four) hours before agreed with your Friend, the Friend may retain up to 30% of the payment, as a penalty, since the Local Friend may have stopped serving another customer that day.

We recommend your attention to the following:

1. The adjusted Local Experience values ​​between you and the Local Friend do not include food, transportation (which can be previously agreed with the Local Friend), insurance for any claim and support of any kind in case of emergency.

2. All tour details must be adjusted in advance with the Local Friend.

3. Must be on site for Local Experience service or accessible at the moment for Virtual Friend before agreed, so that time with Local Friend is used. As RALF does not maintain any link with the Friend, but it simply makes your information available so that people can connect, it is important that, when contacting the Local Friend, they ask you about everything you consider appropriate for your safeguard.

4. Do not use Local Friend to access illegal drugs or adjust visits to places that local authorities consider dangerous, exposing the physical integrity of your client and / or the Local Friend.

After the visit with the Local Friend, we kindly ask you to leave a testimonial on your Local Friend page and possibly also on the city page on Tripadvisor with the mention of your Local Friend and the City Name, so that you can tell us about your experience with the Friend, so that other travelers can get to know this service and get to know the experience. Therefore, we believe that you accept that your photograph / logo will be displayed for free with the Local Friend, as well as that other images that you may share with us, will be displayed for free on the RALF website exclusively, committing ourselves to duly accredit you.

Your privacy is important and therefore we guarantee that all the information you provide will be hosted on Heroku and Amazon servers with SSL certificates.

RALF, by having access to the data provided when registering, will not share it with third parties, under any circumstances. Use is limited to sending you newsletters about what RALF is doing and exclusive internal use so that we can improve support for all users.

It is very important that RALF is aware of local rules and, since we may be serving various jurisdictions where Local Friends live worldwide, we ask for your consent when registering, that the data provided is stored and used from the previously stated way.

At any time, you can change the data or request the removal of your subscription with RALF, using the communication channel: