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Hola, yo soy Yasmin

-Grew up in Switzerland -Moved to Beirut (for 8 years) -Back in Zurich! -Will start my Law Studies in October 2019

  • Vivir en Zurich, Suiza
  • Habla Alemán, Inglés
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Wanderlust describes me as a person. I am often very restless to see new places and discover locations I feel most happy in. I like cultural trips such as going to the museum or the theater. Just as much as I love a walk in nature, a cup of tea by the sea or a chocolate cake at a bar (which ended up being my favorite one.) Reading and watching movies are something I do often and genuinely enjoy. Being alone and being with friends are both part of me, but when I´m with the latter, I like to connect through languages, interesting topics and a joy at living. In general, I believe that tolerance and open-mindedness is such an important thing to have in order to peacefully co-exist with others. Speak your mind, but do it nicely. Take what you want, but do so with consideration. Lebanese, Moroccan and Swiss :)


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