1. How does this thing of renting a local friend work?

Rent a Local Friend is a global platform that connects people who love to travel with those who are passionate about where they live and have a great story to tell. More than just an outing, we support the sharing of local tips, information that will be revealed in no travel book or guide and last but certainly not least the essence of each local culture and spirit. All of this is done in a spontaneous, genuine, collaborative, and interest based way allowing people to connect with those with whom they share similarities or own characteristics that will allow an unique and authentic immersion in the visiting destination. Local Friends are journalists, photographers, chefs, designers…from all over the world, who like to host foreign visitors and show them their favorite local spots in the city. For people who want to explore different cities as a traveler, not as a tourist, this is a fun alternative way of exploring a new place.

2. How do I become a Local Friend?

To become a Local Friend you must create your profile page in order to be found by travelers.

It is important that you are knowledgeable about the main aspects of your city. Tourists frequently ask about curiosities, history, local culture, architecture, typical foods and drinks, attractions, good tips for this and that. Since you live there, you may have precious information about all of these and will be better than anyone helping your friends during their journey and suggesting a fun itinerary!

It is expected that you have a flexible schedule to attend the requests of your new friends. Also, before the booking actually happens, remember that communication is key even in long distance relationships. Answer the prospectors questions promptly and help them to feel sure about your experience, knowledge and good guidance. Language is important and besides your local language, English fluency is indispensable these days. Of course, the more languages you speak, the more friends you will make and be able to receive in your country!

3. How do I rent a Local Friend?

In order to directly rent your Local Friend, you have to become a Local Friend yourself first.
We believe this keeps everyone safe by ensuring that only verified users within the community can make and receive requests from Local Friends.

The second step is fun! Once you are on our platform, please, choose the city you will travel to. You can see all the cities we cover here.

See the list of Local Friends available and browse, checking their occupation, interests, hobbies and languages! If language is a priority for you, you may use the filters on the index page in order to select your preferred language and refine your choices.

Third and final step: browse the profile of the Local Friends available, choose the one/s who fit/s your interests better and click on the Message Me button. Then, you will be able to directly contact your Local Friend and make all the arrangements needed not only regarding meeting and places of interest, but also how much they will charge you etc.

Have a nice trip!

4. Are there any administrative/membership/subscription fees to become a Local Friend?

You pay USD 35 as a lifetime contribution that helps our organization keep running.

5. What is this USD 35 fee for?

The registration fee of USD 35 is for you to have a unique profile of global reach within the platform. This investment is used to pay:

- The cost of hosting the page (your photos, videos and anything else you want to post)
- A safe space to exchange messages on the server with other members in the community.
- Furthermore, the resource is used to promote the site online and thus bring more audience, destinations and consequently more Local Friends that support each other by renting their services.

6. Can I only pay the fee with a credit card? Or can I use PayPal or wire transfer?

At the moment we only accept credit card payment.

7. Are there any other commissions for the Local Friend to pay to the platform?

We don't charge any extra fee or commission for the connections you'll make through the platform.

8. My city is not on the list. Can I still be a Local Friend?

Yes, you can become a Local Friend in a city that's not listed there yet: once you start filling your profile, the platform will give you the option to 'create' a city, so you can do that to be the first one on your location.

9. Can I only become a member if I am from one of the cities listed?

No, you can become a Local Friend in a city that's not listed there yet: once you start filling your profile, the platform will give you the option to 'create' a city, so you can do that to be the first one on your location

10. How can I include my city on the list of destinations with Rent a Local Friend?

Once you start filling your profile, the platform will give you the option to 'create' a city, so you can do that to be the first one on your location.

11. I want to know how the website works: do I have to host someone in my house? Or is it just talk?

You don't need to host anyone at your house, just create an itinerary and go out with the person(s) for a walk on the given day, or do it online ('virtual friend').

12. How should I fill out my profile? What should I talk about?

The more you tell about yourself, the merrier! Talk about who you are, your profession, what do you like to do day by day, extra things you can offer as a Local Friend, where do you usually go in your city, your favorite places… Is also interesting to add a video and to fill your Tips & Traps page. There you can show that you’re an expert on your city, suggesting where to go and what to avoid. It's good propaganda for your profile!

13. How can I update my details?

You can update your details under your name and picture on the top right of the page. Just click on 'Edit my Profile'.

14. I would like to know if we could make a couple's account so we can become Local Friends, but in the same account? Would that be possible?

Yes, you can make a couple's account.