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Hi, I am Manami

  • Live in Tokyo, Japan
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Hi! My name is Manami, Japanese born and raised in Tokyo. Growing up in a historic part of the city, I love traditional culture and acquired degrees in cultural heritage protection. I studied one year in Germany and did an internship in Switzerland. I speak business level English and intermediate German, other than my mother tongue. While I have a day job at a Japanese/American IT firm, I personally offer online experiences and teach origami in English to individuals and teams from around the world. I enjoy discovering places, both modern Tokyo and old cities like Kyoto and Kamakura. As a Tokyo local, I can help you find what to do in the city, considering your interests and preferences, or recommend you good cafes, bars and restaurants. As a culture expert, I can explain our history and culture but also help you understand Japanese people’s way of thinking, hidden rules, social etiquette and more. I have assisted non-Japanese friends multiple times to go though complicated administrative procedures for living in Japan. Any general questions and doubts about Japan and Japanese people are welcome.


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