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Hola, yo soy Manami

  • Vivir en tokyo, Japan
  • Habla Inglés, Japonés
  • Concierge Friend: 30.0 / hora
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Hi! My name is Manami. I am Japanese born and raised in Tokyo. I joined Rent a Local Friend because I always wished there was a service that tourists can easily count on locals when they need urgent help. Once I was at the subway ticket gate, and a foureign couple was struggling to figure out why their train tickets were not allowed to enter the station. I asked them "Do you need help?" and find out that they bought a ticket for another subway company. I explained them that they need to go to a counter for the different company and helped them get refunded and buy a correct ticket. I will never forget how they appreciated me with lovely smiles and relief on their faces. Japan is a fun place to travel, but the different language and social systems sometimes get you confused and exhausted. I believe that if we the local reach out our hands, it hugely makes thing easier for the travelers and enhance their experience in Tokyo. I studied one year in Germany and did an internship in Switzerland. I have a day job at an American IT firm, but I personally offer cultural tours and events for foreign visitors. If you book me in-person, I can taylor a few hours for you with things to do and places of interest that you would like. I am particulary good at finding good cafes and bars, explaining Japanese culture and sharing hidden rules or social etiquette. If you book me online, I will be your virtual assistant to help you survive and enjoy Tokyo. You can ask me when you get lost at train stations, when you can't find your accomodation, when you become sick or when you don't know where to have vegetarian/vegan food. Looking forward to connect with you!

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