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Hi, I am Giovana

I´m a tourism guide that loves to show and presente new and cool places to people and really immerse them in the local culture :) Living in a paradise like Ilhabela and being part of the brazilian culture with all it richness it´s such a bless!

  • Live in Ilha Bela, Brazil
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Concierge Friend: 25.0 / hour
  • Virtual Friend: 40.0 / hour


I'm passionate for roots brazilian culture. I love dance, play and sing. You can always find me in one of the forró and samba parties! I also love nature and water sports. There isn't anything like do a stand-up paddle session in the calm waters of ilhabela and relax seeing the beautiful island that we live. I believe that we should live our life to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it. And learn something new, always.


Local Friend Guru
Local Friend Guru


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