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Local Friend: Giovana

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  • Rio de Janeiro

About Giovana

I'm passionate for roots brazilian culture. I love dance, play and sing. You can always find me in one of the forró and samba parties! I also love nature and water sports. There isn't anything like do a stand-up paddle session in the calm waters of ilhabela and relax seeing the beautiful island that we live. I believe that we should live our life to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it. And learn something new, always.

About Veloso Beach (Praia do Veloso)

Ilhabela is definitely a paradise, so it means that in holidays' time it can became really crowded. If you don't like be in the beach with children running around you, loud music and lots of people but still want to relax in ilhabela, go to Veloso'beach it's the last one in south direction and there is a bus stop there! It's calm and wonderful :)