AaronWashington, USA"I love to cook, travel, and go to concerts. Since I work in news I am also a media junkie that is constantly plugged into current events. "



I am a 27 year old young professional who has lived in DC since for 10 years and grew up just outside the city for most of my life. Washington has a lot to offer for a variety of interests. History, museums, art, food, music, politics, outdoors are all at your disposal! I would love to share my favorite spots under any of these categories that fit your interests. Since DC is such a diverse area you can "travel the world" in art/food without even leaving the city


I cook, swim, eat, drink, watch TV, and explore new things.





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  • Nature
  • Music and Dance
  • Local Culture
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  • History
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Local experience

Brunch is a big deal in DC -- I would suggest starting at one of the numerous restaurants that specialize in brunch (with reasonable prices for this city). Then you could tour the mall or also check out many of the boutique shops and art galleries which are more off the beaten path. Then end the day a nice restaurant of the many types of cuisines the city has to offer. If you have more energy, I'd suggest going to a concert where we have some of the best venues the country has to offer.


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