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Hi, I am Aaron

I love to cook, travel, and go to concerts. Since I work in news I am also a media junkie that is constantly plugged into current events.

  • Live in Washington, EE.UU.
  • Speaks Inglés
  • Fullday: $80.00 / Halfday: $50.00

About Aaron

I am a 27 year old young professional who has lived in DC since for 10 years and grew up just outside the city for most of my life. Washington has a lot to offer for a variety of interests. History, museums, art, food, music, politics, outdoors are all at your disposal! I would love to share my favorite spots under any of these categories that fit your interests. Since DC is such a diverse area you can "travel the world" in art/food without even leaving the city


Aficiones Alimentos y bebidas Arte y Arquitectura Compras Cultura Local Fotografía Historia Inglés LGBT Music and Dance Naturaleza Nerd Culture Nightlife aire libre
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