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Hi, I am Wayan

I am Wayan a professional in one of the local guides for cooking classes in the Ubud Bali area. I have been doing my experience as a local cooking class guide for Balinese cooking for 5 years, with all my experience, I guarantee that when you join this cooking class, you will get all the experiences that you never got before. let's take our cooking class in Ubud Bali.

  • Live in Bali, Indonesia
  • Speaks English
  • Virtual Friend: U$ 40 / hour

About Wayan

Hello I'll teach you how to cook a traditional Balinese Cuisine using our fresh products. First we go to the traditional market (Morning & Afternoon still provide to visit) to see how the locals shop, what they sell and also taste some of our Vegetable,fresh fruit,delicacies. Visit rice field, we'll do a walk along the field and talk about the rice cultivation methods. You will see the local rice and After that, we will start cooking 9 local dishes and finally we'll share the delicious meal together. Of course you will be able to take the rest of the food, a copy printed recipes book. we proudly welcome you to share our Balinese food recipes, and you will be guide by Balinese chef step by step for the preparation at least 9 recipes of food.Get our Balinese food recipes and please Learn to make at home for your Lunch or dinner with your Family. What else you should know Noted : Please Put your Choice Regular Menu or Vegetarian Menu when you book the class on comment !!


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