RenataNatal, Brazil"I live in Natal since I was a kid but I lived in different places and travelled as well. I have a lot to show you here and interested to hear from you too. "



I'm a very straightfoward person and sympathetic. I like to enjoy the moments and experience new things that's why I'm here once in my opinion ach person is a unique world from where if we are open enough we can share and learn a lot! I love to learn about others cultures and share my own.


Playing guittar and singing, going to the beaches (to walk, to swim, to hang out), playing voleyball, practising ballet, eating out, hanging out with friends (playing cards etc), partying, walkings etc.



Portuguese, English, Spanish, French


  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Photography
  • Outdoor
  • Others
  • Nightlife
  • Nature
  • Music and Dance
  • Local Culture
  • Food and Drinks
  • Family and Kids

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  • Full day USD $110.5
  • Half day USD $67.6
  • Virtual friend USD $52.0
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Local experience

A perfect day in Natal would be definitely to spend a day in one of its beaches. We can have a typical breakfast with "cuscuz" and "tapioca"; then go out for a walk at Ponta Negra beach; have a seat and ask for a "caipirinha" and eat "ginga com tapioca" and at lunch time to prove one of our best local food called "camarão" and enjoy the amazing view of the Morro do Careca meanwhile jumping in the warm water of our sea and getting a amazing tan if you prefer once sun is plenty here.


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