RenataBelém, Brazil"Joyful, dynamic and passionate. In short, I'm a great person to share the good times and positive energies of life."



I'll start by telling you a little story about me. About ten years ago, I had great proof that my business is to make friends. When my best friend went to college in São Paulo, she called me desperately saying she needed my help. Her main message to me was, "Friend, for God's sake, it's my first day of school and I can not be alone with all this people. Go there to help me get along. " No sooner said than done. On the first day of her class I accompanied her and in less than ten minutes I introduced her to several college students. I mean, I introduced myself first and then I put her in my newest circle of friendship, which would later be her circle. In a short time, there were five new friends. That is, mission accomplished. I was able to insert my friend into the social life of the college. I think life is a gift and we should make the most of it. I believe that exchanging experiences and connections with people who share the same ideal can make us grow and even contribute to a better world. I am recognized by my friends for being a great company, like to face challenges and always willing to know about all matters. I am also a lover of inspiring places and great food, as well as enjoying watching shows, watching movies and reading good books.


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  • Full day USD $156.0
  • Half day USD $78.0
  • Virtual friend USD $52.0
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Local experience

The warmth without respite, the rain in the late afternoon, the shuttle of the boats in Baía de Guajará , the streets shaded by mango trees and the beauty of buildings erected between the 17th and 19th centuries with strategic stops to enjoy the wonderful Marajoara cuisine is part of a perfect day in Belem.


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