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Social introvert with a love of the outdoors, drinking tea, and beautiful furnishings! I live a pretty quiet life, but I get really excited about almost everything and I laugh a lot. I love to discover new places and rediscover old ones. I have found some really special gems in this city I call home and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you like to sit in good coffee houses, explore neighborhood shops, or take a nature walk, I’m your girl! Hidden plant nurseries? I’m there. Secret passageway to an antique vault-turned-bar? I’ll lead the way and take out any spider webs. I’ll even go to karaoke or yoga with you it’s long as you don’t expect me to be good at it! If that all sounds too action packed and you want a more restful day albeit with some company, I also love to read, journal, weave, sketch, and paint. Want to knit but not alone? We can do that! Want to look out the window of a cafe and make up stories about the people walking by? Yes, please. Want to try your hand at throwing pottery on a wheel but think it would be more fun if two people got covered in clay instead of one? Bring it on.


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Local Friend Beginner


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