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Hi, I am Matthew

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Long version: I left home at 18 to join the Marine Corps. After leaving my parents I was very afraid of being alone 😆 (nah, not one bit). I didn't have a lot of friends right away (or ever). However, strangely enough, people really do get along with me most of the time. When I was in I was a little bit more hardlined about things and I think it rubbed people the wrong way. After getting promoted to sergeant I had to lead in a way that suited most people not just the ones I liked. Since then, I have expanded this to even more things in my life with the goal of being the kind of person anyone would like to be around. I have moved around a lot (13 times in the last 11 years, with two locations for over 2 years). Short version: I'm a Christian first regardless of my political background. I try my best to make things as light hearted as possible (it's not possible, let's talk about aliens and the pyramids 🤣). I love talking and if you do too we could talk over each other for the next 5 hours if you'd like (I'm kidding, I'm not that bad). I'm learning Japanese and I love the culture because I spent 3.5 years over there. I don't do: Alcohol Drugs Profanity


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