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Hi, I am Marek

  • Live in Prague, Czech Republic
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I have been living, studying and working in Prague all my life. Since I was a high school student I have been deeply interested in history of my own country, cultural roots I come from as well as historical roots of foreign countries, especially our neighbors (Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary). But without traveling I couldn’t get to know other countries historical and cultural background. So when I was 17 I studied high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The main reason wasn’t only to improve my English but also to find out more about the world I live in. During that 1- year adventure trip I realized that the best way how to explore other countries and learn about their culture is to meet the locals. Since then I have been always happy to show foreign travelers hidden places in my country, mostly in popular Prague. Now I want to show you some fascinating secrets of ordinary Prague! Something that you can´t experience with a common city tour!


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