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Hi, I am Laurits

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Hi, I am a Phila local enthusiast, born & bred here in the East Falls & Germantown neighborhoods and now residing in Center City (Wash Sq West hood). As my activities show, I am into showing in & out of Towners, all the many various cultural interests that well traveled people come to expect in any city or area they visit that allows them to see Phila as the well heeled citizenry do... I grew up spending summers in London & the Continent, eating & living well, as I was privileged to do so... my parents worked part-time during their vacation to pay for it, my dad as an internist/endocrinologist & my mother as an architectural historian. In addition, my aunt was French, from Gascony & Normandy. So for me & my sister, this was normal, but never taken for granted. But it has allowed me to understand the intersection of living best & fully, on as modest a budget as possible. In Phila, enjoying culture is mostly free from $ constraints. It relies on your taste for the type of tour you would like, whether by Uber and/or foot, or even bike or Phila's very reliable reasonable public transport system.... whether for urban hiking thru certain neighborhoods, landmarks, oddities, museums, the choice is endless. I can also recommend off the beaten path that are fascinating parts of our history & architecture, landscaping, urban planning that will allow for a bespoke experience. Tours typically last for 3 hrs with a bathroom & food/drink rest of 30 minutes (not charged). Pls feel free to contact me for further info. As an architectural designer of over 30 years/300 projects plus, I bring a robust but unusual eye to things.


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Local Friend Beginner


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