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Hi, I am Klaus

  • Live in Vienna, Austria
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About Klaus

My name is Klaus. I study history at the University of Vienna, after having spent a year abroad in the Middle-Earthen landscapes of New Zealand and the Bitcoin capital of Europe, Iceland. I've travelled to exotic places on the Mexican peninsula where a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs and crumbling ruins of the formerly great civilization of the Maya still stand as well as to the real-world kingdom of Shangri-La, hidden at the end of murderous mountain roads - between the emerging superpowers of China and India - in beautiful Bhutan, the happiest place on Earth (right after Vienna, of course). Two of my best Northeast-Asian German-speaking friends live in Pyongyang, where I visited them just to find out that there is good food in North Korea. And in all of these countries, I've found lots of 'local friends' and so I want to be the same for you, as I know how valuable it is.


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