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He used to be lukewarm to her, but suddenly he was bored, but she didn't get used to it, and she couldn't figure out how sincere he was. Like a person, will let oneself become worried about gains and losses, Mo Li is no exception. Xie Jinxun was afraid that she would be unhappy, so he let go of his hand and sat on the platform to talk to her. A little later, the maid came in with the cooked soup. Xie Jinxun personally picked up the porcelain cup and fed her spoonfuls. Hot. Mo Li felt that the taste was not good and did not want to drink. Xie Jinxun also did not force, put down the porcelain cup, also did not explain what was put in this soup. One side of the maid looked at the flesh pain, but this is the soup cooked with Tianshan Snow Lotus, ah, the princess is indeed a golden branch and jade leaf, a natural disaster. Mo Li, who was kept in the dark, began to feel sleepy. Xie Jinxun tucked in the quilt for her and waited for her to fall asleep before leaving. The maid, Xiao Ruo, came in and saw a bowl of cold soup on the table. "What is this?" She asked. Another maid whispered: "Snow Lotus Soup, the princess does not want to drink,D BHB Factory, the Marquis let pour." Xiao Ruo rolled his eyes and asked the maid to step down. He picked up the porcelain cup and went to the kitchen to review it. He drank it up. In the evening, when Mo Li woke up, the setting sun accompanied by dusk enveloped the earth. She put on her cloak and walked aimlessly in the veranda. When she walked along the veranda to the Moon Gate, she saw Aunt Qi's son, Dahu, chasing her maid, Xiao Ruo. Xiao Ruo picked a plum blossom and stuck it in his ear. "Brother Sun,Sex Enhancement Powder, I went to the cloth shop a few days ago to buy a dress for the princess, and I saw a lot of good materials." Sun Dahu understood and nodded, "You tell me the texture and pattern. In a few days, I'll go out to work and pull some horses for you by the way." Xiao Ruo was satisfied and stood on tiptoe to give him welfare. The two men left through the other door, and Mo Li tutted and returned to the house. When Xiao Ruo came back, her face was red and even more foxy. Mo Li ignored her attentions and asked, "Where is the soup?" “...... Xiaolan said the princess didn't like it. She was given to Aunt Qi by the maidservant. "Mmm." Mo Li took off his coat and was ready to fall asleep. Xiao Ruo came forward to undress her. "Princess, when will you marry the Marquis?" Mo Li slanted his head to look at her, and his eyes were neither light nor heavy. Xiao Ruo quickly knelt down. "It's the maidservant who talks too much." "Get out." "No." Xiao Ruo retreated respectfully. Mo Li rubbed his forehead, just drank the medicine, his body temperature dropped, his head was still dizzy, and he lay in bed and had a dream. In the dream, the golden dragon dances wildly and the wind and clouds change. In the middle of the night, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Mo Li woke up with a start. Her forehead was covered with sweat. Xiao Lan, who was keeping vigil, heard the noise. She opened the door of the floor cover and went to the bedside. "Did the princess have a nightmare?" "I have palpitations." Mo Li gasped for breath. Xiaolan was afraid that she had something to do, so she quickly let people inform Aunt Qi. When Aunt Qi came over, Mo Li recovered as usual. Aunt Qi knew medicine and gave her a pair of silver needles. When she pulled out the needles, Mo Li was already asleep. Aunt Qi put away the needle and went to Xie Jinxun's study. Xie Jinxun stood in front of the map hanging on the wall, holding a candlestick and studying it carefully. Hearing a knock on the door, he looked back and saw Aunt Qi coming in with a midnight snack. Aunt Qi put the sea cucumber porridge on the tea table. Xie Jinxun laughed. "In the evening, do you want to give me a big tonic?" "Master, the princess is emotionally unstable, and the old man is afraid that her worries will cause her illness. It's better to let the old man accompany her back to the imperial capital." Xie Jinxun lifted his robe and made a gesture to let her sit down. Aunt Qi sat down and pushed the sea cucumber porridge to him. "The master has been working hard recently, and he hasn't eaten a few meals seriously." Xie Jinxun picked up the porcelain bowl, scooped up a spoonful, and had no appetite, but drank it all. The master considered the old man's proposal and sent the princess back. There is something in Aunt Qi's words. Xie Jinxun did not know Aunt Qi's hint and shook his head. "She protected me from leaving the imperial city and was kind to me. I can't let her down. Many people are waiting to see her jokes. It's better to stay here and have a clean ear." "That's all?" Xie Jinxun hooked his lips. "You are so old that you are curious about your feelings." "The old man hopes that his master will not do anything that he regrets. If the emperor does not take a good view of his master, he will inevitably obstruct him. Maybe he will send someone to ask for him in the near future." "Let nature take its course." Outside the door, Mo Li listened to their conversation with a dull face and turned into the night. The guard did not dare to breathe until she was far away, and then hurriedly told her that the princess had just come. Xie Jinxun suddenly stood up and quickly chased him out. Aunt Qi gave the bodyguard a hard look. "What are you eating?" The bodyguard lowered his head in silence, but the princess wouldn't let him pass it on. In the veranda, Xie Jinxun saw Mo Li's back, three steps and two steps, pulled her, "Why are you here?" The tone is gentle, but there is a trace of caution. Mo Li looked at him in a dull way and pulled the corners of his mouth. "Nothing." Xie Jinxun hugged her and did not ask her if she had heard the conversation just now, "send you back." "Let go of me." Mo Li did not move, light way. Xie Jinxun did not relax, picked her up and strode to the guest room. Mo Li struggled a few times to give up. After entering the room, Xie Jinxun asked the maid to go out, closed the door, walked into the room, and put her on the bed. "Don't think about it. Rest early." Mo Li sneered, took off his boots and lay in bed with his back to him. Xie Jinxun pulled her cloak. "Take this off. It's uncomfortable." Mo Li obediently pulled away the lace and left the cloak. Xie Jinxun picked up his cloak and stood by the bed for a long time before closing the door of the landing cover for her. He sat on the soft couch in the hall, put his cloak on his lap, and picked up a book of war at random. Under the lamp, the silhouette of the man is reflected on the wall, quiet and peaceful. Mo Li turned around and looked at the hard candlelight door, for a moment very uncomfortable, he did not like her, she as a guilt and responsibility? Mo Li was so angry that he kicked the quilt. The next morning, Xie Jinxun walked into the bedroom with a tray and saw Mo Li sitting in front of the bronze mirror dressing. He put down the tray, walked over quietly, leaned behind her, put his hands on the dressing table,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and looked down at her. "It's time for dinner." Mo Li stroked his hair with a peach comb and ignored him. Xie Jinxun took the comb with a good temper, picked up a lock of her long hair and combed it gently. "Let the herbalist take the lower pulse again today. If it's all right, I'll accompany you to the city." "Don't want to go." 。 pioneer-biotech.com