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Hi, I am Jovana

Last two years, I have worked in Marketing, Sales, Management in English and French for important american and french companies. I have also worked as virtual assistant

  • Live in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Speaks English, French


I am a professional freelance writer, translator and Social Media Analyst with a Master's degree in theatre studies from the University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle with a Master's degree in Arts & Media from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU) in Belgrade. I am also teacher of arts and I dedicate myself to teach and help others throughout my job. I have a considerable experience as freelancer – in writing and doing projects for foreign clients in French and English (social media analyst, social media assistant, writing corporate news stories, abstracting a text, translating a résumé from English to French and vice-versa, copywriting, online and academic research and writing, writing contents for websites, writing texts for marketing campaigns and business projects, content researcher and creator, virtual assistant, telephone interviewer in English and French). I love cooking and eating sorrounded by friends and interesting strangers 'cause those are the ones that get to know you so much that in the end they turn into brand new friends! Hanging out and talking with people all over the world fills me up with joy and that´s the best way for me to learn even more about life. I love also playing a sport in order to spend time with friends, or to make new friends. I like also going to InterNations parties organized at my city because I met there very interesting international friends.I love also following my passions and I would like to know more about wishes and passions of my new friend and help her/him to realize them! I am caring, positive and nice person and I would like to satisfy all the needs of my new friend. I am a giver, not a taker, open and honest.I am loyal, ready to help friend in need. I appreciate the differences in others. I am ready to always find friendship build on common interests, make compromises if needed, and satisfy desires of my friends!


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Beginner Friend


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