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Hi, I am Joni

  • Live in Brugge, Belgium
  • Speaks English, Dutch


The streets of Brugge have no secrets for me. I was born here and go around the city through all the secret small medieval alley ways and parks. I pass the tourists and know all the hotspots for food, drinks, coffees, concerts and art. Do you want to experience Brugge from a different angle? Would u like to hear what locals like to do, eat, drink and joke about? Do you want to see the most beautiful spots nature and culture wise? Do you want to explore this city and it`s small medieval streets and go where no tourist goes? I will bring you there, I know the way and you can follow me around. I have lived all around the world and travel is my biggest passion. But now I find myself living back in this beautiful small city where I grew up and exploring it daily with my son and husband and many international friends. I`m a social sciences and English teacher and consultant on development and sustainable tourism. My character is friendly, open minded, positive and kind. I look forward to meeting you!


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