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Hi, I am Isabelle

  • Live in Recife, Brazil
  • Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English
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Olá! I am an enthusiast of Pernambuco, I absolutely love the culture of my people and I enjoy engaging in conversations about it. From the metropolitan cities of Pernambuco, I believe Recife is the one who has a stronger hold to my heart, but I definitely know Olinda and Jaboatão enough to help you in a visit. I want to make you feel at home in Pernambuco as if you were on a trip with your friends. I'll show you the best of the cities, exactly what you want to see from here: local food, museums, buildings, beaches, sports, music, theater, etc. I'll post in here some pictures of places I love in the metropolitan region so you can have an idea of how great is Pernambuco. The cities are very close to each other, so if you have the time we can really get to know them together ^^ About languages: learning languages is a hobby for me, I really love to be able to communicate with peoples in their own language. Well, I was born in Pernambuco, so my Portuguese is pretty good (if you'd like, I can teach you a few words and expressions that are specific to Pernambuco or Nordeste); I am also an English teacher, so I am fluent in English and we will have no problem if that is your native language. Plus, I am an intermediate student of Spanish, aka I speak Spanish but you might have to speak slowly hahah. If your language is one of the many I don't know I would love to learn a little bit of it so we can communicate better. Hope to see you on your trip to Pernambuco! <3


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