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Hi, I am Huzaifa

  • Live in singapore, Singapore
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  • Concierge Friend: 25.0 / hour
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As a local Singaporean, who has traveled, lived and studied around the world, I appreciate the small things that make a trip truly memorable. I will bring you to mouth-watering eateries for your every meal. I will show you the best places to catch the local sunset or the evening music and arts scene. I will teach you the local lingo needed to unlock the secret treasures enjoyed by the locals on the island. But most of all, I will let you experience the best parts of life on this beautiful island just as a local would. Additionally, as a member of the Singapore Police Force, I will make sure that the safety and well-being of your loved ones and yourself is always taken care of throughout the trip.

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Local Friend Guru
Local Friend Guru


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