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Hi, I am Hillary

  • Live in New York city, USA
  • Speaks French, English
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I know you'll be reading a lot of these bios so I'll try to be brief. The thing that makes me most appealing as a Local Friend is my sense of humor. In addition, I've lived in and around New York City for my entire life and know it well. If site seeing or shopping are your thing, I've got you covered. I absolutely love going to museums and points of interest in my city even if I've seen them before since I always find something new and exciting, especially when I get to see it through someone else's eyes who is not from NYC. I also love going to comedy clubs, the movies and more than anything, the opera (although I'm not a snob about it). One of the main reasons I want to be a Local Friend is because every time you go somewhere, whether it's the first or 30th time, going with someone new makes it an entirely new experience. I'm very proud of my city and love to show it off whenever I get the chance. Plus, as a makeup artist, I can help you shop for makeup without breaking the bank if that's your bag. I'm very flexible and always in a good mood, so I'm great company. I give great advice. Not to mention, I'll make you laugh. I'm just generally fun to be around and I pride myself on that fact. I get along equally well with both men and women. My friends are pretty much split 50/50. I'm open to all experiences and I especially like learning about other cultures. If you are a talker, I listen. If you are more reserved, I'm entirely entertaining. There's never a dull moment with me.


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Local Friend Beginner
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