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Hi, I am Hikmat

Name: Hikmat Rukmana Education: Bachelor Job: General Election Supervisory Agency

  • Live in Bandung, Indonesia
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Hello, introduce my name Hikmat Rukmana. I live in the cianjur area of ​​West Java province, only 2 hours from the capital city of Indonesia or from the city of Jakarta. the reason why you should join me is that you will first find out about the original life of the Indonesian people especially the Sundanese tribe. Secondly you will know what our community culture is, I will invite you to some places that you will not get at a tour service provider, you will be considered a family not as a tourist then you will invite me to my private home, so I will know what it feels like being part of our family. third, you will feel the food that is authentic Indonesian, not hotel cuisine like most other tour services, you will get an experience that you have never felt. then I will invite you to various places such as waterfall tourist attractions, then the historic site of Gunung Padang and many other places. and the most important part if you use my services, you will not be charged an expensive price, about the price we can discuss, because the most important for me is not money, but the experience you get.


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