Daily cost (8h)US$160
AboutI’m a Brazilian journalist living in Argentina since 2008. Buenos Aires became my home from the very first beginning.The city is perfect for walking and for those who like architecture, gastronomy, literature and tango. I'm constantly discovering new places and corners even after all these years. The Argentinean capital is an inspiring city for all types of travelers. You are invited to see my personal blog (in Portuguese): Aquimequedo.com.br
InterestsLocal Culture, Nature, Sports, Food And Drinks, Photography, History, Art And Architecture, Shopping, Lgbt
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese, Spanish
HobbiesTravel, Photography, Tango
Extras things i can offerTango classes (both roles , leader and follower).
I have an extra room you can rent (but it's a single bed, so better if you're traveling alone).

Local experienceShopping for vintage/second-hand clothes with good value for a reasonable price.
Historical central area with hidden gems along the way (restaurants, cafes & special shops).
Cycling and outdoor events and market fairs
A picnic in one of our parks!
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Past reviews of Gisele

What a find!! Giselle was highly recommended to me upon arrival in BA. Spent a whole day exploring BA with her and felt like I saw a week's worth of the BA that has entranced so many. It was a wonderful way to arrive in a foreign city, with a friend amongst strangers. Highly recommend!

sandy betts

I visited Buenos Aires with my boyfriend and we couldn't have found a better local friend than Gisele! :) She's a very optimistic and happy person! We were in contact before and after our meeting! We really felt like we were having a friend in the city of Buenos Aires giving us advice on coffee shops, restaurants, milongas, nice city spots (apart from the touristic ones)... We only had a half day with her but she was very helpful, proposing different things that we could do during our stay in BA.We met again in a milonga were she tought us basic steps of Argentinean tango and gave us a full tango experience by showing us a classic and also a modern milonga! I recommend Gisele to everyone visiting Buenos Aires. Just let her know what you like most when traveling and she ll put up a perfect plan for your day! Thank you Gisele! Besos!

Myrto Karakasi

Gisele was our amazing guide during our trip to Buenos Aires. She showed us all around the City and we saw many of the colorful neighborhoods and historic sites. It was an awesome experience and we highly recommend her.

Patrick Strang

Having Gisele show me Buenos Aires has been like a breath of fresh air. Her passionate character regarding this beautiful city, combined with her thorough knowledge of the most interesting spots (both turistic and "less turistic") guided me through a marvellous experience, during which we have become friends. So if you ask me "would I recommend Gisele to a friend?", its a definite YES!
To end with, it is also remarkable her knowledge about Tango, transmitting a passion which leaded me to even take my first tango class and attend a non-turistic Argentinian "milonga" (tango party). Quite an experience alltogether!!!

Jose Moreno

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Giselle. She knows her city very well and had lots of great tips and ideas before we arrived and during our day. She is is very adaptable, changing our day as she learned more about us and what we are interested in. She also had a great tip about a local tango club where we could go for a lesson in the evening and then watch the great dancers. This was a highlight of our visit to Buenos Aires. I would not hestitate to recommend Giselle and will book her again when I come to BA.

Nicole Leaper

What a pleasure it was to see Buenos Aires with Giselle! I only had one evening available, and in 4 hours we explored the city center, walking through the squares, shops and theaters, had pizza in a traditional place and she took me to a non-touristy milonga to see real tango dancing. Not only is she a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide, she is also a lovely person. She was very friendly and open. I wouldn't have managed to see that much on my own, and certainly I would have never found the milonga in Barracas. Her husband, who's an architect, joined us for the milonga and he, also, was really friendly and kind, even dancing patiently a bit of tango with me. I hope I can visit Buenos Aires again in the near future and see them again. Thank you!

Monica Hernanz

Uma grata surpresa”
Avaliou em 13 de Fevereiro de 2013
Essa foi a minha segunda vez em Buenos Aires e a terceira na Argentina. Como eu já conhecia a cidade, estava buscando uma experiência diferente, longe do circuito turistão. E foi isso que eu tive com a Gisele. Extremamente atenciosa e fofa, a Gisele perguntou quando eu fiz a reserva qual seria o meu foco. Como eu mencionei que eu gosto de arquitetura, ela envolveu o Edu (companheiro dela e arquiteto) no meu passeio e foi tudo ótimo. O tour começou no meu hotel na Recoleta e terminou na casa dos Ezeiza em San Telmo. Apesar de termos passado pela feirinha de San Telmo, o programa foi zero óbvio. A gentileza da Gisele e do Edu fizeram com que eu me sentisse em casa. Foi um dos highlights dessa viagem. Recomendo muito! Até porque Buenos Aires não se limita a Caminito e Puerto Madero.

Visitou em fevereiro de 2013


Aline F.C Silva

Avaliou em 2 de Outubro de 2012
Adorei passar o dia com a Gisele de Buenos Aires. É uma otima dica para quem vai pela primeira vez a Buenos Aires e quem vai permanecer poucos dias. Ela da otimas dicas de pontos turisticos, restaurantes, cafes e lojas.

Visitou em setembro de 2012


Paula G

Avaliou em 18 de Julho de 2016
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My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful day with Luciana. We had been on tours of BsAs from the general to specific. From Luciana we asked for more of an "organic" experience. We wanted to wander the city as though we lived in BsAs. Doing things and sharing the day like we do at home --chatting, seeing parks, visiting cafes, shopping at ferias ... We planned a couple of museums too, but the weather was beautiful so we followed where the day took us. She even arranged for us to share her homemade mate.


Trevor Jorge

“AWESOME”. Gisele was our amazing guide during our trip to Buenos Aires. She showed us all around the City and we saw many of the colorful neighborhoods and historic sites. It was an awesome experience and we highly recommend her. We also used Rent a Local Friend in Lima, Peru and Rio and were equally impressed!


Travel Jim 888

Great people, a beautiful city, and lots of passion”
Avaliou em 25 de Fevereiro de 2016
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Giselle is just over the expectatives. She showed me the city from her point of view, that of someone who fell in love with Buenos Aires to the extent of moving there and never coming back.
We visited both the turistic spots as the no so turistic ones, and finally went to see (and dance) at a local milonga, an experience that was worth the journey by itself.
Highly recommended, and highly enjoyable.


Jose M