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Hi, I am Gina

  • Live in Houston, USA
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  • Concierge Friend: 40.0 / hour
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My Faith is the most important thing in my life, then my children. I am a mother of two grown children. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have started multiple businesses over my lifetime. I have had two wonderful marriages and have survived two divorces and finishing raising two kids as a single mom. I started and owned a very successful swimming lesson business and a home inspection business which I loved for 10 years each, but it was time to pivot and start something new. I am just starting a new business named Compassionate Conversations. I will be serving the community through this business with offering conversations, transportation and help with daily tasks. I love adventure, snow skiing, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, cooking, decorating, meeting friends and walking outside! What I love most is people and learning about their life!


Local Friend Beginner
Local Friend Beginner


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