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Hi, I am Clara

  • Live in Madrid, Spain
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian


I consider myself a curious person. Born to travel I've lived in NY City, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Florence Venice and Lisbon, and I speak 5 languages. I studied History, Art History and Arts Administration. I also love Fashion and Gastronomy. I’ve been living in Madrid since 1999 where I moved to work at the Ministry of Culture. Now Madrid is my city and I love to enveil all its secrets to visitors from all over the world. At the present, I share my passion with my job as communication coordinator at the Museo del Traje ( Costume Museum) and the coordination of cultural, fashion and Lifestyle projects. Art, Culture, Gastronomy, Fashion and lots of fun are awaiting you!


Beginner Friend
Beginner Friend


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