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Hi, I am Cesar

  • Live in Santos, Brazil
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Concierge Friend: U$ 15 / hour


Born and raised in the Santos metropolitan area , known as Baixada Santista, great enthusiast of showing to visitors the interesting aspects of the city ( that presented to the World the biggest soccer player of the History ) that ranges way beyond just visiting the club - Santos Football Club - that Pelé helped being the most successful club of the country for more than a decade with two World titles, two Continental titles and countless national and state titles. Hidden beaches, continental area with fishermen villages, best spots in town for great pictures, history of the local pioneers of aviation including Bartolomeu de Gusmão e Santos Dumont - that Brazilians claim to be the true inventor of the airplane, best shopping spots and visiting the Santos Football Club stadium are among the several different options that can be arranged. Plus, if you're interested in surfing or sailing, I can give you all the necessary info based on my personal experience in the field since I have surfed or sailed frequently every single spot of the state until my early forties.


Beginner Friend
Beginner Friend


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