CallieToronto, Canada"DISCOUNTED RATE - Limited time! 50% off - I'm Arty, freelancing here, there, and everywhere in performing & visual arts. I love connecting with people, witty banter, and premium beverages!"



ART X COFFEE X BEER - ART - I'm a pro in multiple arts! Theatre Directing, Film Acting, Contemporary Dance, Drawing & Painting, Playwriting, Singing! I can guide you thoroughly through Toronto's theatre scene, from the biggest names to the underground players. I can help you experience the fullness of an art gallery with expert artistic analysis. I can even lead you through more offbeat experiences, like poetry slams, dance classes, or a burlesque show! - COFFEE - I know the absolute best hidden gems in this city for a premium cup of sweet, hot java. If you're interested in learning more about the process of coffee making, I have a working knowledge of the preparation and tasting techniques you need to maximize your coffee making/drinking experience! BEER - Finally, the beeeer! Honestly, Toronto has an *incredible* selection of craft microbreweries across this whole great city. I will gladly take you to each and every stinkin' one if you like, to make sure you find your new favourite sipper! (I can guide you through tastings on this, too!)


Playing with my cat Olivia, thrift & consignment shopping, trying new makeup techniques, researching behavioural & cognitive sciences, watching terrible reality TV.


Theatre Director




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Local experience

A perfect day begins, no doubt, at one of Toronto's pillar cafes, sipping on premium drip and people watching the busy streets. Brunch seems like a nearly mandatory next step, given the extremely high-level brunch situation this city is currently awash in. On a warm day, relaxing on a patio with an ice cold beer sounds about right, basking in the sun and supporting local brewers. I'd top the afternoon off with a trail or lakeside stroll, taking in the nature hidden amongst the concrete. For the evening, I'd head to a cool dance or comedy show, to experience art on a new level, and finally have a nightcap, discussing the show into the wee hours.
...and, maybe if we're feeling rambunctious, heading out to the village to dance!


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