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Hi, I am Andres

  • Live in Bogot, Afghanistan
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Concierge Friend: 25.0 / hour
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I have been in the translation and interpretation field for several years now. My law career background provides me useful knowledge for different tasks. I'm between Bogotá and the nearby towns in the north highlands or close (Cajicá, Tabio, Subachoque, Nemocón -salt mine with nice water mirrors, the 33 miners film was shot there-, Cogua, among others), or a bit further, one day trip, but not too away from Bogotá: Machetá thermals; or can help you on your way to the Boyacá region. I can guide you in Bogotá or the places mentioned. Insteresting and quiet spots here if you appreciate landscapes and contemplation, as well as tourist known and not so known places. I have uploaded some pictures on Instagram for you to get an idea.

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