AndreaNaples, Italy"I'm 38 years old and I'm happily married, my profession is surveyor. I teach Italian language to foreigners and I speak the Russian well. I'm mediterranean man"




I love art, architecture, I know the history of my city very well. I like to show places that are usually not included in touring tours. I love to share something new with people who come into contact with me every time, and the thing I love most is to see people who start to understand and appreciate something that they may even have ignored before. I love to see in people's eyes the moment when they really understand something, then recognize its value and make it their own!


Love art, architecture and urbanistic, history and in particular the history of transport.
I love literature and with my wife we love traveling a lot. we love cook italian food



English, Italian, Russian


  • Local Culture
  • History
  • Food and Drinks
  • Art and Architecture

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Local experience

Food and history: Naples is one of the capitals of street food!
Let's start with the ancient city, Spaccanapoli and the Duomo. Breakfast with coffee and sfogliatella, then inside the history of Naples along Via Toledo and the Caracciolo seafront. Lunch: pizza fritta or 'cuoppo': from land or sea? And then we discover the views of Naples, from Vomero or from Posillipo. a sweet break at the Rione Sanità district or a good babà in the Galleria Umberto. And at dinner, why not try the pasta "patane e provola" in the Spanish quarters?


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Explore Naples With Andrea

Discover Naples tasting street food!

Discover Naples tasting street food!

Let's start tasting "sfogliatella" close to the Naple's central station. We will walk trought the "Rettifilo" discovering two different souls of Naples. Coffee break: what does it means "caffè sospeso?" let's discover it tasting the famous Babà, the unique speciality of Naples. Lunchtime: "Cuoppo", "Montanara", or pizza "a portafoglio"? Let's taste it!

The very last day of Pompei

The very last day of Pompei

We will walk through the city and we will try to indentify ourself in a Pompeian citizen. Did the Pompeian know what was the Vesuvio? What happended 17 years before the eruption? How rich Pmopeian used to live? And poor people? Let's discover how the roman way of life was so close to us!

Tips and traps of Andrea

(Re)built a city

Art & Culture

(Re)built a city

In Italy, all the cities, from the XIX century increase following the similar rules; but only with clinical eyes we can understand it. we will walk through Naples discovering how in this last 200 years the urban texture was upset several times. You will see Italian cities with new eyes! For this tour just need good shoes and metro/bus tickets

Cheap ($)

4 - 6 hours

Napoli piazza Municipio