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Hi, I am 𓉆amarant♗L☿S𓁤𓉅

  • Live in Medellin, Colombia
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Concierge Friend: 25.07 / hour
  • Virtual Friend: 10.07 / hour


𓋈Alter🧞ego𓋏 Amarantis🛸#kybalionica🏩 ꍏ↳☭☋☿♔♗ꍏ🍾🐲🐛🥝🏞️💐🌵🌴🌄verde🦩🎠🦑😈🕎🍆🃏⚗️♒♑♀️violeta💮🏩Galatea𓆢รฝٱिՇ ๖ۣۜ&๖ۣۜ 𓁒 𓋈Be as ☾✺✺↳ and ☭☋♗☾ꀘ to go𓉅As a ᖱԻ✺℘ of ꍏ℘☈♗↳ snow𓂀𓋍 Be as ◗ℰ↳♗☾ꍏ☂ℰ and gay As a cherry ℱℒ✺Ꮿℰℛ in May🧚☂♄♗♫ϰ€☈♭€↳↳. This is sucha Golden hour🧞🛸🍾🧆😻🛀🧖💃


Local Friend Beginner
Local Friend Beginner


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