Campeche Island - Watch out!!!

Local Friend: Luciane

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About Luciane

I love everything new: people, ideas, places, flavours... I love making people laugh and people that make me laugh. I believe life is a gift and that we have to do the best we can do to help and to learn from each other. I've lived and worked in Itaúna(MG), Belo Horizonte (MG), Viçosa (MG), Pomerode (SC), Xerém (voluneering time in a NGO in Rio de Janeiro), Freiburg (exchange program als Au-Pair in Germany for a year), Florianópolis (trying to open an event company) and I've chosen such this great place to live, based on my personal research that included social indexes and other life quality meters. Don't come here, unless you wanna stay! You can't say anyone warned you. ;-) I got a personal page on facebook that's called "Aventura do dia", something like "Adventure of the day" where I post my experiences on this great city!

About Campeche Island - Watch out!!!

Campeche Island is really a beautiful place! But you have to be aware the island has few restaurant optios, prices can be a little prohibitive, you pay a significant amount to go there by boat and the island has a maximum number of visitors per day. If you don't want to spent so much money with food, take your own snack and enjoy the magnificent views and the clear water!