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Hi, I am Luciane

  • Live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, German
  • Virtual Friend: U$ 40 / hour

About Luciane

I love everything new: people, ideas, places, flavours... I love making people laugh and people that make me laugh. I believe life is a gift and that we have to do the best we can do to help and to learn from each other. I've lived and worked in Itaúna(MG), Belo Horizonte (MG), Viçosa (MG), Pomerode (SC), Xerém (voluneering time in a NGO in Rio de Janeiro), Freiburg (exchange program als Au-Pair in Germany for a year), Florianópolis (trying to open an event company) and I've chosen such this great place to live, based on my personal research that included social indexes and other life quality meters. Don't come here, unless you wanna stay! You can't say anyone warned you. ;-) I got a personal page on facebook that's called "Aventura do dia", something like "Adventure of the day" where I post my experiences on this great city! fb.com/aventuradodia


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3 reviews

Jan 2016

Whoever chooses Lu as a local friend is certainly lucky! She is the best guide ever! She knows her way around the city and is also very friendly! You know when you meet someone and you feel like you have known that person for a long time even though you have never met before? Thats how it works with Lu . She is friendly, professional, and fun to be with. I highly recommend her to anyone visiting the city! You will have a wonderful time!

Lorena Pacheco

Jan 2016

Lu is an amazing person. Friendly, love to talk and make new friends. She also is a big fan of outdoor sports. You can call her to do anything and she'll say a big YES! I definately recommend Lu to everybody who wants to have a good time and laugh a lot :) I hope we can hang around again soon! Bye bye :*

Fred Carneiro

Jan 2016

Lu is fantastic, she is a very nice and kind person, being huge fun to be together with. She is always good humored and laughing and is a great friend.

Gerda Kilger