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Olá, Eu sou Vinicius

  • Mora em Santos, Brasil
  • Fala Português, Inglês, Espanhol


I'm young student have 22 years old I like to know and help another person from other countries. I have a nice experiencie traveled for 9 countries around the world.


Beginner Friend
Beginner Friend


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"We were very happy to meet Vinicius. Thanks to him we had a fun day in Santos. He really tried to make us experience Santos the local way. We started the morning at a local farmer's market, where we ate the best pastels. Highly recommend that on everyone's to-do list. We then visited the museums and spent the rest of the day in Guaruja. We swam in the sea and enjoyed a great meal by the beach. Vinicius is a very easy-going and a fun guy. We enjoyed every bit of the day spent with him. He is extremely helpful and caring. Happy to say that we found a friend in him. "