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Olá, Eu sou Stefano

  • Mora em Valência, Espanha
  • Fala Espanhol, Inglês
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Hello ! I'm stefano, i'm an expat living in Valencia 15 years now, so I really know what a tourist might be interested in seeing. The romantic sightseeing, the best partying spots, the insta photo places and the small secrets of the city and towns. I can tell you all about them. I'm also a pickup artist and can help you meet people if we go partying, or hang out during the day. I'm the best wingman you will ever have ;). I consider myself a very social person, my jokes are so bad they could make a terrorist group. Sometimes it might be weird paying someone to befriend you, and I totally get that, if we actually decide to hang out I want to feel that i'm doing it because I actually find your company enjoyable, and not because i'm getting paid. If this is something that you think about, here is an alternative I find enjoying: I'll bring my camera, and give you a whole afternoon photoshoot at the coolest places in Valencia, and we will get to know each other in a more natural manner. I have my car, I can drive us around even outside of Valencia city! , We can go hiking and get cool photos in those types of places. If we both feel like it, we can go partying or for dinner as actual friends :D (though if I feel tired I might not go that far).


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Local Friend Beginner


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