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I used to travel by myself when I was younger. The longest place I traveled was India. Well, including Nepal for few months and Thailand for a couple of weeks, I traveled there for one year. Against my expectations, I learned a lot about Europe there through many travelers from Europe. I also faced my own country Japan, again by those Europian people whom I met there in India. They told me how Japan looked like to their eyes. I got interested in Japan, though it may sound funny to you, I know. Now I live in Fukui where I can say this is very Japan. I come from Tokyo. Tokyo is more international city. Fukui is not so traditional and touristic as Kyoto. It's not famous like Hiroshima. It isn't Fukushima though they have similar names. Fukui is one of the most invisible prefectures even for a Japanse person. To tell you the truth, I myself wasn't sure where it is located when I first met my current husband who is a Fukui native, while travelling in Japan. If you are interested in Fukui, please contact me. I'm sure you can experience true Japan.


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