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Olá, Eu sou Kerstin

  • Mora em Salzburg, Áustria
  • Fala Inglês, Alemão


I am German, born in Dortmund, raised near Ulm and moved to Salzburg 15 years ago. I'm a very open-minded person, interested in other cultures and always happy to meet other people from everywhere in this world. I've been travelling a lot, mainly for business. My main countries were USA and India. I liked it so much and I always appreciated the hospitality. I know what a traveller wants to explore when visiting a foreign country. Sightseeing is always the main target, however I found that meeting with people who know the city or the surroundings is much more interesting. But how to get to interesting places and how to meet people, who might become your friends, if you don't know anybody? This has always been my problem when travelling and I am very excited to meet you, if you ask yourself the same questions about Salzburg.


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