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Olá, Eu sou Josh

  • Mora em El Paso, EUA
  • Fala Inglês
  • Concierge Friend: U$ 50 / hora


Hey ya’ll. I’m a Texas boy born and bred. I’ve been told my whole life that I’m a people pleaser. I can talk your ear off about nearly anything and if I don’t know the topic I’m a quick study. I like to do most outdoor activities and can hold my own on video games. I’m almost always available with a little notice I can rearrange my work schedule to suit you and your needs. I have a passion for rockhounding, wine and whiskey making (and drinking). Most people say they can trust me with any secret because they know I won’t tell anyone anybody else’s business and I give great advice. On the con side... I’m honest to a fault. Sometimes brutally without intending to be. And I’ve been told I’m intimidating by a few people.


Beginner Friend
Beginner Friend


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