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I'm Anthony, and I bring a wealth of experiences and a warm personality to the table. With over 17 years of leadership in the military and a knack for making friends wherever I go, I'm excited to connect with new people through Rentalocalfriend. In addition to my professional background, I've lived in several states and countries, soaking up diverse cultures and making lifelong connections along the way. Currently based in Georgia, I've also called places like Florida, Oklahoma, and South Korea home. When I'm not busy with military duties or working on exciting projects with Appen, you can find me enjoying quality time with my two adorable Golden Retrievers. They bring so much joy and love into my life, and they're always up for a playful adventure! I believe in the power of meaningful connections and genuine friendships. Whether it's exploring new places, sharing stories over a cup of coffee, or simply enjoying the company of good friends, I'm here to make every moment memorable. So, if you're looking for someone reliable, friendly, and ready to share some laughs and unforgettable experiences, I'm your guy! Let's create some amazing memories together.


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Local Friend Beginner


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