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About Igor

Recife: the smallest metropolis in the world, or... the "Venezia from Americas", Recife are near Porto Galinhas and Olinda. Human Resources Consultant, Industrial designer, design thinker, glider pilot, german translator, live over 25 years in Recife, I live 15 minutes by taxi from Recife International Airport, and also 10 minutes walking to the Boa Viagem Beach. Recife are the "metropolitan city from Northeast Brazil". Recife are also an big medical hub and have many health services. Recife are 8' south from Equator line, and don't have winter. All Days of the year the morning begin at 5 AM, and the sunset at 5 PM.

About Restaurante Diamante da Serra

15 km (10 miles) away from the center of Caruaru City, located high on a mountain. It offers a beautiful overlook of the valley and great food! The owner Diamantino, keeps also his art studio. Restaurant are open only Saturday and Sunday. Caruaru City are 100 miles west from Recife.