Tutti- the tuesdays nightlife

Local Friend: Marina

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  • Porto Alegre

About Marina

Im an 24 year psychologist, a part-time ballet dancer, engaged in social research and working in Brazil. I lived in South Africa and Southeast Asia in 2012 and since then I've been having contact with people all over the world who often visit me.

About Tutti- the tuesdays nightlife

"Its not a party. its not an event. There´s no invitation, dating or tickets. Its more like a habit. And it is a party. It is an event. And the invitation is spontaneous. Every Tuesday, hundreads of people get together in the bar, and by the lake across the street. Nobody knows exaclty how it started, but everybody's there. Some are from the old school , others are just starting to understand how it works. The only certain is that, on Tuesday nights, everybody goes Tutti." Tutti is,historically, a bar where the city's cartoonist would meet. Placed where we call the " old city centre", Tutti suddenly became an atracttion in Porto Alegre, with streetfoods, hippies, music, and lots of fun. Everyone who wants to do something at a Tuesday night must go to Tutti- everywhere else get creepily empty! There are no chairs! You have to take your beach wrap ( or something similar) to sit by the lake. and get there around 8 or 9pm, so that you can sit in a good spot. There's nothing fancy about Tutti, its a "democratic" place. Just dont forget youre stil in Brasil, and dont walk around the blocks all by yourself. If possible, try to find somebody who speaks portuguese to go with you- the staff there hardly can or will. Like any other city centre place, there are always weird people. But theres no harm. the people who frequent the place have the " free love" spirit