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Local Friend: Luci

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About Luci

Hey there! It's me, Luci – 41 years young, with the spirit of a 30-year-old, living my dream life!😉 Exploring neuroscience's impacts on our lives, meditations, and positive thinking drive me ( inspired by authors like Dr Joe Dispenza). I enjoy coffee, cocktails, peaceful seaside walks and healthy cuisine, along with engaging chats and great bright company. Salsa and Bachata dancing and spontaneous road trips fuel my zest for life. I would love to invite you to: 1. ✨Strolling along the enchanting Via Verde Benicassim – Oropesa✨ La Vía Verde del Mar, winding alongside the sea and through enchanting tunnels with mountain and sea views. The 6.5 km route from Benicassim to Oropesa also offers biking options. We can do as many km as you wish ( return, max 13 km 😉 ). or 2. ✨Seeking a compassionate listener to unleash your true self?✨ Then let's have a cup of ☕or🍹 in the peaceful atmosphere of cosy coffee shops or quirky bars and rediscover your smile in the streets of Benicassim. I am all ears, no judgment. Together, we'll elevate your mood and find the beauty of the present moment. 💫Both options are flexible and can be tailored. Looking forward to meeting you. 💫 I speak Slovak ( Czech ) & English.

About La Corretgera - Unique cafe & brunch spot

Whether you crave healthy or naughty delights, pair them perfectly with exquisite coffee. Don't miss out on homemade cake slices! Your taste buds will thank you for this unforgettable treat. Enjoy! 🫶 !Watch out! On busy days such as the weekends - it's pretty packed. The good news is the waiting - bearable and short.