What's a Water Garden, Anyway??

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About Allyss

Here for the LGBTQIA+ community only! I'm outgoing, friendly, silly, and I love to laugh. I'm in my mid-30s, I'm white, and queer. I've lived in DFW most of my life. I know it can be really scary to go to a new place or complete a new task on your own. Let me be your extroverted buddy to help take some of the pressure off! I'm happy to go with you to shop for new gender-affirming clothes, go to the doctor's office with you, the library, a church service, community event, or just hang out around town. Let's talk and see what makes sense!

About Visit the Fort Worth Water Gardens!

Hi! If you're in the Fort Worth area I definitely recommend stopping by the FREE Water Gardens. Parking can be hard to locate. I recommend parking on 14th or 15th streets, near the Sheraton, across from the Water Gardens. Usually there's a spot and it's just a short walk across the street to enter the Gardens. The ambiance is cool, refreshing, and beautiful -- especially near sunrise or sunset time of day! Kids love climbing on the walls (some walls aren't allowed to be climbed, but most are). And although you can't get in the pools, you can rest your feet in the water at the active pool as you watch people climb down the stairs and then back up. The active pool can get really busy, so if it's too crowded, just wander around the rest of the garden before coming back to see if it's cleared out a bit. Sometimes our houseless friends are sitting in the garden for the cool experience as well. It's nothing to worry about, though, they are allowed to be there and they won't bother you if you don't bother them! There is no bathroom on the premises so be prepared. I highly recommend packing a picnic and blanket and sitting under the shady trees to enjoy your time at the Fort Worth Water Gardens!