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About Bryce

Hi I'm Angel! I'm 28 and I live in Los Angeles. I really enjoy hiking, running, and outdoor activities. I can also enjoy a calm night in watching Netflix or play board games. I value my family and friends a whole heck of a lot and I'm just a passionate person in general. I enjoy playing guitar and singing. I'm currently learning piano but I'm not doing to hot lol. I like to paint as well as try to take care of plants that I'm sure will die, but damn if I wont try my best! I'm a wonderful listener and I enjoy spending quality time with people as well as myself. I don't have social media but I'm down to FaceTime or Zoom because I'm real ass bitch lol.

About The Broad

If you're into art on a budget, I highly suggest visiting The Broad. Its a free art museum with so much to see and circulating artist! 10/10 would definitely recommend !