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Amigo Local: Khie

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  • Portland, Oregon
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About Khie

If I were to get a classic description from my friends about how they perceive me, I would be described as a curious and easygoing person who enjoys any company. I both thoroughly love simply existing with a good cup of tea and under a blanket cuddling as well as I would happily go anywhere new to eat something yummy or explore. I have a background in psychology and I'm an empathetic person so I'm comfortable discussing boundaries and difficult topics if my friend needs a shoulder. I'm an active listener and I would not mind exploring communication together, depending on what my friend needs or wants at that moment.

About anything is edible at least once.

Welcome to Portland! We have an array of multicultural foods, and as a result, we have plenty to offer if you want a bite. Unfortunately, having options will lead you to be both a little confused and overwhelmed, especially if a food is new! When you look at new foods, always check the ingredients beforehand to see if they are items you would feel comfortable eating. If you do not enjoy seafood, there's point in forcing yourself to enjoy sushi at a Japanese restaurant. Instead if you enjoy pork for example, you can always order a katsu sandwich (roughly fried and breaded pork cutlet that's great as a picnic food or just good company for a casual lunch), Hamburg steak (the Japanese version of a Salisbury steak with a good pork to beef ratio that doesn't leave as heavy of a feeling as a regular burger might), or even a tonkotsu ramen bowl (a great noodle soup with hearty broth, the softest eggs and served with fall apart in your mouth pork belly slices that balance the texture and flavor perfectly). The pork or whatever ingredient will be introduced to you in a new way due to cultural differences in spices and preparation, but it will still be a good area to have wiggle room in.