Want learn some salsa steps ? Martin I s the right person ;)

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About Andres

I fell in love since first this me I came to Antigua now I live in Here, first time I arrived here was in 2013, later I got married with Marta and moved to the city , now I have two kids: Camila and Franco and we live 15 min away from Antigua in a beautiful spot with a nice view of the amazing volcán de fuego, I love history , in fact used to work as a Tour Leader in Central America , now I am just living here and taking care of my love ones while sharing my knowledge about the city, I am a foodie and also know how to appreciate a good craft beer , love to walk by the city, visit some places where you can find prices not for tourist as my self I keep being one :) , love to show people around, share some good stories and why not go for a salsa class with my friend Martin, for some reason I haven’t passed to the next level and still a salsa beginner , jijiji . I am the kind of person who loves to find out facts about everything and later share with others, people is my thing , I want to keep improving my French and speak it fluidly soon . I hope this gives you a good feeling about my self !

About Salsa Time !

Have you ever had some friend that they are short but ther energy levels in a super high !! That’s just Martin’s case , he is super friendly, he loves dancing, speak English and if you want to learn some steps he hecho s just the right guy to get some salsa clases , I have being with other friends before and everyone connects with him and have fun, so just let me know and we can go for salsa class! BTW the name of his studio is Salsa & Más Studio .