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Hola, yo soy Tatiana

Born in Portugal i left home when i was 18 and spent the next 13 year's traveling the world getting all the experiences i always dreamt of. Came back home 3 years ago.

  • Vivir en Lisboa, Portugal
  • Habla Portugués, Inglés, Español

Acerca de Tatiana

My name is Tatiana. I am 34 years old and currently I live in Lisbon. My best qualities are adaptability, a great sense of responsibility and being very dynamic. I am extremely organized, creative and a true problem solver. I have big communications skills and I know how to relate with different people and understand their needs creating a trust based relation with them.


Arte y fotografía Gastronomia Compras locales Música y vida nocturna Desportes y aire libre Bienestar y naturaleza

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